Specialists in Labour Hire onboarding solutions

Labour Hire is a specialized field and needs a specialist recruiting solution. At Sky, we have vast experience catering to the Labour Hire industry and the unique requirements you have.

Specialists in trainee and apprentice solutions

Traineeships and apprentices require a specialist recruiting solution. At Sky, we have vast experience catering for the traineeship and apprentice markets, creating solutions for the unique requirements you have.


We are a dedicated SaaS provider. All our software runs exclusively in the cloud. It is backed by Microsoft Azure, one of the most powerful cloud platforms with security features to match.

in beta

The Sky SaaS Platform

single dashboard, single login

Sky Central Dashboard
At Sky Software, we think life is far too complicated already. When we talk SaaS, we should be talking simplicity, not complexity.

Our new Sky Central Dashboard is here, one dashboard, and one login for any Sky task you need to do. Our Central Dashboard ensures you have one point of reference in everything you do.

If you are using Microsoft Teams, it gets even better as we will seamlessly integrate.

Sky Software, the future of SaaS as it should be.

in beta

Sky Business Process

because business is a process

Business processes are complex and most undocumented. Imagine software products that let you define your business processes, especially in the post-COVID world. There have been many disruptions, and business has changed forever.

Define, and document existing processes and project manage new processes. Eliminate tedious spreadsheets, create clearly defined processes and tasks, and then track them in real-time until completion.

Get business clarity and leave nothing to chance.

releasing 2021

Sky Applicant Tracker

applicant tracking made easy

Sky Applicant Tracker
Sky Applicant Tracker is our newest arrival, a complete paperless applicant tracking solution covering your entire workflow process.

It will work across many industries and easily handles labor-hire (gig workers), child care spots, and apprenticeship models. You can configure Sky Applicant Tracker to use for other industries as well.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. It will easily handle defined roles and general roles with a comprehensive set of templates. Your applicants’ application can complete everything from home. It will truly make life easy again.

Releasing in 2021, get on our early adopter list now and reap the financial benefits.

releasing 2021

Sky Asset Management

more than just depreciation

Sky Asset Management is not just about depreciation, although we do that as well.

Asset Management is about managing your asset register’s entire life cycle, from purchase order to disposal and everything in between.

Releasing in 2021, we are sure our SaaS product will hit the mark for any business looking for more than a glorified calculator.

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